Can a forward a outgoing message from one internal user to another internal user in Exchange server 2007?

I want to forward a outgoing message from one internal user account to another internal user account in Exchange server 2007.What are the steps we need to do  for that.Client is Outlook 2003 (But I want this configuration in the exchanger server side not on Outlook client part?)
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use a transport rule?
See here for how:
if both the users are internal users then,

simply add forwarding address of the other user on one of the user.

How to Configure Mail Forwarding in Exchange Server 2007
Glen KnightCommented:
If the mail is being sent to an external recipient and you want it copied to another internal recipient which is what it says in the question a forwaring rule will not help as it's being sent from an internal user not received by one!

I am guessing you want to monitor all mail sent out of your company by an individual user?  If so the transport rule is the way to go.
jacobdnlAuthor Commented:
So fast and so effective.
Many thanks
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