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Hi there,

I'm just curious, there's got to be a Twitter tool out there that will automatically DM someone once they mention our software.
Example: If someone says "I can't get X working" then this software would send them a DM saying "Here's our help page, we've notified a support agent"

Exactly how it would work:
Software monitors Twitter
If keywords "our_brand" and "help" come up, then:
- Sends the author a DM offering help.
- (Optional) run a custom script [which will open a helpdesk ticket about it.]

Anything out there?
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I think best out there is

Others like this :

You can also get a custom software made which i think would be best for you :)

Jenn PrenticeContent ManagerCommented:
To my knowledge, there is not a reputable software that will accomplish your exact goal--yet.  While there are a number of Twitter Autoresponse applications, these are primarily used for people who want to DM new followers with an automated message.  (A practice that is largely regarded as "spammy.")
What you are wanting to do seems extremely helpful and a good way to build positive affect towards your brand, but unfortunately, I don't know of an application that would allow you to do that. However, I've read a number of articles where people are requesting this same feature, so I have no doubt that the feature will be on the market soon.  
All that being said, there are a number of applications that will allow you to track keywords on Twitter and respond to specific Tweets--just not in an automated way.  

1.) Monitter:
2.) Twitterfall:

I have yet to use either of them myself, but according to online reviews, Twitterfall is the better of the two options.  

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions, and maybe another expert will chime in later today with exactly the solution you are looking for!

Here are 3 more ways to monitor your brand
But, same as jennhp mentioned, no way to autorespond yet.
Not sure what angle you are coming from, but I know some CRM systems can pull in twitter information based on criteria you sepcify. Then you can go and respond via these systems to those people who posted the tweet in the first place. A handy way of tracking all the tweets, also you could probably build a knowledgebase from this, thus providing a solution database in the process.
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