How do I put a computer to sleep remotely

Hello I use a  command on my internal home network (wolcmd) to wake up a pc from sleep mode, from another pc.  Is there a way of putting that pc back to sleep again from the same pc when I've finished with it? Thanks
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peter41Connect With a Mentor Commented:
it is surely possible to find utility which put remote computer into standby,
because win32 contains such call.
Question is if your hardware has compatible power features with your OS version and if BIOS settings are right.

For example:

You can use wake on lan for waking up the computer (there are a lot of wake on lan programs, just search for it. For putting it back to sleep mode I would recommend using the psshutdown utility. You can download that from here:
"nircmd.exe standby force" put your PC into Standby Mode

Google for nircmd.exe
checkout Auto shutdown manager at

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