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Receive from GSM redirect to VOIP

First my english isn't not so good and i will try to do my best to express myself :P

Im looking for a solution that can do the next scenario

Mobile phone ---- dial -----> (i dont know the name of this hardware) ---- redirect call to mobile or land number using VOIP provider like the betamax ------>

Benefits: I have a contract that the call to the both ( mine and other sim ) at 0 cents and then voip has cheaper rates to other land/mobile numbers, my idea is to pay only the call from voip account.

And how its dial the number from machine?any code before the number or after...have no idea...
my knowledge in this area is -1 :D

1 Solution
All it seems you are looking for is simple call forwarding that can easily be done through any voip provider.  Not sure what country you are in but you would simply find a voip provider that allows you to forward calls. This would be more complex if you were looking to call different numbers once the number is dialed.  Take a look at asterisk is one open source solution that acts as a pbx and can take voip calls. Hope this helps.
TvMptAuthor Commented:
Not only forward because i need to call to my other free sim contract and then forward a call using voip account
so If I get this right

your sim -> call your other sim -> divert call to any number using your voip provider?

typically to acheive something like this, you need some sort of PBX to handle and forward the calls, something like Trixbox or asterisk@home. since you need to be able to call your cell phone, you will also need an FCT to connect it to the pbx.
hope this helps...

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Alex BaharCommented:
You need an FCT device that has 3 interfaces:
- GSM (your second SIM will be installed here)
- SIP-voip (this will register to your Betamax service)
- FXO (This will connect to the telco landline, to the wall. You can connect a parallel phone to the same line, so you the same phone can be used from an ordinary telephone device)

Basically you make a call to your FCT-GSM number, then dial the ultimate destination number you want to reach via SIP-voip or FXO-landline. There your FCT may provide you a second dial tone so you can dial in the remaining digits. These features depend on the device implementation.

The FCT device LCR (least cost routing) table has to be configured with the call patterns so that (example):
- All domestic local calls within the city will be dialed out from the FXO (example dial pattern 9..........)
- All calls to GSM network will be dialed out from the SIM (you need to specify dial patterns like 04........  to match GSM calls)
- Long distance calls or everything else will be dialed out from SIP-voip. You can be more specific using dial patterns here. For example you can say only international calls will be sent via SIP.. Call pattern like 0011T..)

You may need to restrict the incoming GSM calls to your SIM numbers only so that other people cannot dial through your voip/landline on your behalf.
TvMptAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you reply.
Do you know where i can buy a FCT device model that handle my needs?
Alex BaharCommented:

Wow it was quite difficult to find an FCT supporting all those ports, but I found one:

Planet VIP-281GS. I have no experience with this device, but it has all the interfaces you need.
WAN  1 x 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port ( Voip stuff)  
FXS  1 x RJ-11 connection  ( You connect a standard phone here, also provides lifeline on power failure)
PSTN  1 x RJ-11 connection  ( That is FXO, which connects to the telco line/wall)
GSM  1 x SIM connection  ( As name suggests )



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