Unable to start IBM Http Server On AIX 5.3


I have installed IBM HttpServer (IHS) on AIX 5.3 and the installation was successful without any errors.
My IHS instalaltion folder is "opt/IBM/HttpServer"
But when I tried to start the IHS using ./httpd from IHS/bin I am getting the following error.
httpd: could not open document config file /usr/IBMIHS/conf/httpd.conf

I am not sure from where the httpd is reading the path to the httpd.conf file.

Requesting help from everyone in EE


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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:

use apachectl  to start the server, and not httpd directly!

It will set the correct environment, as defined in the envvars file (bin subdirectory).

In your case the locations are probably /opt/IBM/HttpServer/bin/apachectl and /opt/IBM/HttpServer/bin/envvars

The default location for httpd.conf is in the conf subdirectory of your installation directory,
but you need apachectl to make this location known to httpd, else a default is used (/usr/IBMIHS/conf/httpd.conf in your case).

You can start the server using an alternate configuration file by running the following command:

apachectl -k start -f <path_to_configuration_file>

RishiBangAuthor Commented:
The solution is good and explanatory to much extent.

Thanks to wmp
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