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Ubuntu remote desktop sharing, tight VNC


I have a small problem:
I use tight VNC on a Windows box to access a Kubuntu box at work through a VPN. The Linux box is sharing remote desktop sharing so tight VNC connects to ip:0. If I do the following it works:
1. Connect VPN
2. Connect through tight VNC.
3. Disconnect/close tight VNC.
4. Disconnect from VPN
However, if I do the following I have problems.
1. Connect VPN
2. Connect through tight VNC.
3. Disconnect from VPN
Then when I try to reconnect again I get 'connection closed' from tight VNC. I'm guessing this is because by just disconnecting the VPN tight VNC doesn't close the VNC session.

I can get around this problem by going into work and logging off and back on again; I think this must reset the remote desktop sharing sessions. I also get half the way there from home. I can SSH in and restart the X session (can't remember how I did that now). Although the Linux box stays logged off and I can't VNC in until I have gone into work and physically logged back on again.

Any suggestions on how I can get around this problem (I am frequently forgetting to close tight VNC before disconnecting from the VPN) through SSH only?

1 Solution
1. your home machine@home is a Windows. (from linux-2-linux it even easier)
2. multi-windows mode (not a full desktop) then you can use putty and a local X-server.

install the X-server xming (http://sourceforge.net/projects/xming/)
install putty (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html)

run xlaunch in multiwindows with no applications.
run the putty:
under Session create a new SSH session
under SSH enable the X11 forwarding

after the connection each X application you'll invoke in the putty terminal will actually appears on you machine@home.
I use NX to do graphic remote access.  I found it to be fast and easy to set up.
you can just restart VNC server on Linux host using ssh
It is possible to create an icon or windows menu item to restart VNC -server.
use putty on windows to get ssh connection to linux
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James_h1023Author Commented:
Thanks for your replies.

alaexmay77: The VNS server is running as host:0 is it possible to restart this as well? I'm guessing yes then.
What are the commands to do this?
Yes, it is possible to restart it:

# vncserver -kill <X-display>
James_h1023Author Commented:
And when restarted on 0, it won't have changed anything to the current X session?
dont understand you :(
James_h1023Author Commented:
Not to worry, i'll give it a go this evening and get back to you ... thanks.

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