Desktop shortcut of a new installed application opens a windows installer

I have a .net application with a setup project.
when a shortcut is created on the application installation it opens an installer window for some reason. At the end of this weird install, the application opens up.
On the shortcut properties, the target is the application name (without full path or .exe) and the target location is empty.
How can I fix this?
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Vadim RappCommented:
InsProf, sorry, it looks like I missed your comment/question and did not reply promptly. If you are still interested in resolving it, please post a comment.

The following Microsoft article has details about what to look for:

That the shortcut is empty - it's normal. It's so called advertised shortcut.

Moderator, I recommend PAQ/refund.
Probably an Im proper Creation of Application Set up , Try create the application Deployment wizard from the beginning and deploy the application , ensure that the paths are PERMISSION ENABLED
Vadim RappCommented:
Look in the application event log, it will most likely have an entry created at the time of the repair (which it is) with the information about what was missing or damaged.
InsProfAuthor Commented:
I've done some changes in the original setup project, so I prefer not doing it from the beginning.
What should I look for in the event log?
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