left zero and int data type

I have a column in SQL 2005 with data type int I want to insert into this column values like (0000,0001,0002,0003,.....) but SQL trim left zero and insert values like (0,1,2,3,...), can I do that where data type still int not else?
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Its sql server built in feature of doing this.
To do same you have to either change data type or insert as it is and while showing / retrieving it add zeros.

try this:
select right(replicate('0',4)+ convert(varchar(4),CityID),4) from Cities

Hope this solves your problem.
no you cant do that since your data type is int. You should change it to varchar or use a function that will add the trailing zeros to the number and use that function to get the values as in the format that you deserve...
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>can I do that where data type still int not else?<<
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