Excel 2003 spreadsheets not opening in Excel 2007

I have a number of excel spreadsheets that were created in Excel 2003.
They contain queries relating back to my application SQL database. The queries work fine in Excel 2003 and I dont have a problem there.
The problem is when I try to open the file in Excel 2007 it crashes while opening with the "Excel has encountered a problem...." error.
If I copy the SQL from the 2003 query, open a new query in 2007 and copy and paste the data it works fine and refreshes without a problem, but I dont really want to do this for all my queries that I have for this database!
The SQL for the query is like the below, minor adjustments for each query just relating to the table it is looking at. I have tried unticking all the tick boxes in 2003 relating to the query properties. I am at my wits end as I know there isnt any problem with the query but there is something 2007 doesnt like :(

SELECT dhc_contractrenewals.BoatName, dhc_contractrenewals.StartDate, dhc_contractrenewals.EndDate, dhc_contractrenewals.FeeType, dhc_contractrenewals.FeeCode, dhc_contractrenewals.Confirmed, dhc_contractrenewals.Declined, dhc_contractrenewals.Custname, dhc_contractrenewals.ContractNo, dhc_contractrenewals.Tel_Home, dhc_contractrenewals.Tel_Mobile, dhc_contractrenewals.Tel_Business, dhc_contractrenewals.e_Mail, dhc_contractrenewals.Renewal
FROM CH_Live_M3.dbo.dhc_contractrenewals dhc_contractrenewals
WHERE (dhc_contractrenewals.StartDate={ts '2009-12-01 00:00:00'}) AND (dhc_contractrenewals.Renewal>1) AND (dhc_contractrenewals.FeeCode In ('12monthly 09/10','Loyalty 09/10','SBO 09/10','SBOloyalty09/10'))
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If you have not updated to Office Suite Service Release 2 you should do so.   I seem to recall that there were a number of bug fixes to Access and Excel in the update.....but  the update should be installed irregardless of whether or not it fixes your specific problem.

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