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Anybody know of the best security utility to protect a USB storage device? I have a USB external hard drive and I need to secure it. At the moment anybody who picks it up and plugs it in has access to all files on the drive.
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Please check out TrueCrypt:

It is free, open-source software and the "market leader", if you wish, in filesystem encryption. Remember that just protecting your external drive with a password will not make the contents unreadable, thus it is still vulnerable to abuse, by plugging it into a Linux box for instance.
I recommend WinSesame wich you can download at the adress:
there is a free limited version or you can buy a licence or a subscription.
Sorry, I may not have been clear enough above.
What I wanted to point your attention to is that most file-lock software on Windows systems require a driver or resident programme running in the background and securing files/folders. It goes without saying that such 'protection' will only work on the system that it was installed on. Once you plug the 'protected' drive into a machine that does not have those drivers installed, or access the protected drive via network, there is no more protection.
The same is true most of the time if you simply boot a system running the protection drivers into safe mode.
Thus encryption is the best way to go if you really want to protect your data from curious eyes.
guateconexionAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I forgot to mention that I'm an open source guy.
Truecrypt looks like the utility I need.
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