Windows Server 2008 add domain group to local group

I'm begining to play with Windows Server 2008 for the first time.  I setup a small network setup not connected to the internet w/ Windows SBS 2008 and two Windows XP machines.  I experience the following problem w/ both machines.  I joined both machines to the domain w/ no problems, but when I go to add the domain users group to the local administrators group, I am unable to do so.  When I double click on the local administrators group and click the add button, I don't have the domain listed in the "From this location" section.  If I click the locations button, it's also not listed there.  I have the DNS for the computer pointing to the server.  I am able to ping the server w/ no problems.  I have both computers with a static IP.  I'm letting the router handle the DHCP.  I also notice when I click around in the local Administrators group and click the add button, it seems to take much longer for the new windows to pop up then it did in Windows Server 2003.

Any ideas?  
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SupermanTBConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I'm a complete idiot.  I traced my problem to a DNS issue.  I should have picked up ont hat earlier.
SupermanTBAuthor Commented:
I also noticed that when I logged onto the computer under the domain Administrator account, it took an unusually large time to logon.  Maybe 3-4 minutes or so.
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
It happens... I am glad you were able to resolve your issue.
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