replacing XML Special Characters

We have a program which reads the data from database and generates XML messages

Some data items have special characters like "A&P" , "G  E". Since these characters are not allowed as XML element names. CAn you some point me to a code snippet or library which
takes a String and replaces all occurrences of "&", " ",  "  " with corresponding characters.

Example: The one on the left should be replaced with the one on the right
& --> "" 
"  "  --> _
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String xmlValue="A&P"; // etc
xmlValue=replaceAll("'","'").replaceAll("&","&"); // etc;
You can try and use Apache's StringEscapeUtils, which has methods for these kind of things (specifically you need escapeXml method):
The class is part of Apache's commons lang project, you can download it here:
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