Simulate a Windows Service using ASP.NET to run scheduled jobs


i need to develop a scheduled task job using to send daily emails at specific time, like 8pm every day.

i can do it through windows service, but the problem i host my files in shared hosting, so i can't to use this approach.

i goggled but until now i didn't get the best solution to use it.

i hope someone help me in this case.

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magicdlfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to wait a little bit longer because I am going to sleep. Just try to find it out by yourself or post a new question to draw other experts' attension. Good luck.
What about in ASP.NET, you send daily emails whenever you got a special request, then you implement another scheduled task that send the request to your ASP.NET program 8 pm everyday?
hazemfadlAuthor Commented:
hi magicdlf,

thanks for your reply, but i didn't get your point.

i can't make the scheduled task through

i found this article

by Omar Al Zabir, and it's working fine.

but the problem, its not working daily, it's working when someone hit the page not with the timer.

i need to use timer and make the application work without any one hit the page.

also i need to make my application still alive.

Then you just make it working when someone hit the page. And now your task is converted to implement a schedule task(Not in ASP.NET, could be windows service or any other implementation) that send request to ASP.NET every 24 hours. Is that clear?
hazemfadlAuthor Commented:
Dear magicdlf,

could you please provide to me a sample because i am beginner in
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