newly created user can't login to exchange 2003

I have an environment with 2 servers, file/print on the windows 2003 DC and windows 2003/exchange 2003 as member server. This has been working for years. I just added a user on the exchange 2003 server, i do see it  replicate to the DC but when I go into the properties of that user, I am missing info. The new user does not have email address info, example X.400 and smtp address. Also for the mailbox security, i only see SELF but no administrator or exchange admin rights. I can login to the domain fine.  It looks like exchange 2003 never create the account completely. How do I fix this?

thanks in advance
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officertangoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i fixed by changing the RUS to the correct exchange server, it is pointing to an malfunction exchange server.
officertangoAuthor Commented:
I ran the RUS but still no luck.
If the new user doesn't have an email address then RUS hasn't stamped the object. Until you get the email adddresses the account cannot be used. That will also populate the permissions.

Troubleshooting RUS is a pain.
Start with the MS KB article on the process:

You may also want to run the Exchange Best practises tool. I have the link to that here:

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