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Cannot open Outlook after Exchange Migration

Have just done a migration of Std Server (with 2 Domain Controllers and 1 Exchange) to SBS 2008. Migration went fine. Moved all legacy mailboxes across to the new Exchange 2007 server, again all went fine and no errors.

2 Users cannot open thier emails. Outlook 2000 comes up with the error "Unable To Open Your Default Mail Folders. The Attempt To Log On To The Microsoft Exchange Server Computer Failed". Other clients using Outlook 2000 work fine. I then logged into a machine that was running Outlook 2007 as the problem users and they opened the mailboxes fine.

On the 2 problem machines I have tried reseting TCP/IP, Winsock, Checked all RPC entries are there and also recreated the mail profiles.

Other users who are working fine are sometimes getting prompted to login when they have outlook open, this also happens to the 2 users who cannot open thier mailboxes through Outlook 2000 but can through 2007. Could this be related?

The Exchange 2003 computer is still on the network and the stores are still mounted but the Mailboxes are not there, they are stored on the Exchange 2007 box (SBS 2008)
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Outlook 2000 is not supported with exchange 2007. I have only seen success with IMAP only connections. Outlook XP/2002 is supported and above and does work.

The errors you are getting are identical to what we have seen when trying this for ourselves.

Are you sure that the others are definitely using Outlook 2000 and not 2002/XP?  They do look similar?

synergiqAuthor Commented:
The version of Outlook on both machines is I am sure that I had these connected after I had moved all mailboxes across to the Exchange 2007.

So what are my options here short from upgrading.
You can attempt to use IMAP, or POP3/SMTP instead. You could also use Outlook Web Access.

Alternatively you could double check you have no free licences of Outlook XP or above from a machine that you longer have. I'm assuming that these machines are fairly old so It might not be a bad idea to upgrade or buy another couple of machines and take advantage of an OEM office/outlook 2007 offer.

Also something to think about would be as you still have exchange 2003, did you not take advantage of Outlook 2003 CALs? You may still be entitled to use Outlook 2003 as exchange 2003 did come with Outlook 2003 CALs free.

The situation has now changed with regard to Outlook 2007/Exchange 2007 so you would have to look into it further, but it is an option. As far as still using outlook 2003 when you are no longer using exchange 2003, that is also another Microsoft licencing minefield question.


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