disaster recovery plan for oracle VLDB

can anybody give me the sample disaster recovery plan for VLDB's??
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Devinder Singh VirdiLead Oracle DBA TeamCommented:
There are different kind of disaster/recoveries. Some recovery is based on invalid update/deletes other may be because of drop.
1. If by mistake somebody drops the table, that can be eaisly recover by Flashback drop feature. You can also undo the DML changes using this technique.
2. If there is block level corruption, then you can either fix block(s) using RMAN which is recommended or using manual steps (if RMAN is not configured)
3. If you lost whole database and you have standby servers, then you can use data guard, which can be brought back within minimal time.
4. If you lost very important schema and all its objects are present in one tablespace which is very large, then you can also use Transportable Tablespace feature.
5. If you lost all control files, then re-create it using create controlfile command and include all the datafile/logfiles, then reset redo log sequence.
6. If you lost one of the redo log which was not current, then create it and flush it.
7. If you lost non system datafile, take the copy from backup, apply archive log using recover datafile command.

There are many more... Please ready Backup and Recovery Guide: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B13789_01/server.101/b10734.pdf
ramavenkatesaAuthor Commented:
can u please explain in high level recovery process
1. with  backup taken to tape
2, with backup taken using timefinder
ramavenkatesaAuthor Commented:
i mean .. how can i configure netbackup to work with RMAN?
can anybody give me step by step how can i configure netbackup with RMAN so that i write to tape??
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