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Hello everyone,

I am really new to UNIX SAS and it is becoming really dificult for me to copy the contents and run only selected statements in editor in UNIX SAS. Please let me know how we can copy and past the contents in other editor. If i open one editor, I couldn't even see the other one. How can look the other one. and how to run the specific statements. Please let me know if anyone have any material on this
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bradanelsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could open more than one session so you could have a window with vi editor and another to run the code.  Are you using Putty as the terminal window?  If so, you could have more than one window connected to unix at a time.  
How are you opening the code on unix?  There are many ways to do this.  Some folks use vi, which in my opinion is not easy to copy and paste between programs.  I use a FTP software (WinSCP)  to connect to the unix box inwhich SAS is loaded.  To edit files I can double click on the .sas file and it will open it on my PC.  I have it set to open with UltraEdit.  I have the ability to open multiple files from UNIX and edit them.  When I click save in UltraEdit, it actually updates the file on UNIX.  I hope this helps.
Oh, to actually run the code on Unix, I use Putty to connect to Unix and run the code.  I can then use the FTP software and UltraEdit to watch the progress and view the .log, .lst, and any other output the code creates.
arukuAuthor Commented:
I am using vi editor to connect to unix server and work on sas which is installed on the unix server.  I can't even see the editor windows simultaniously and once i run the code all the code is disapperaring for the editor. Please advice
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