Creating outlook task in VBA

I've hacked together some VBA code that will create a task item for a shared users task list.  Can anyone tell me how to create the task so that there is also a copy of the task that gets sent to a shared team task list.  I am trying to automatically distribute and assign tasks for a small work group but would like each person that gets assigned a task to have the ability to easily update the status so that it can be seen by the entire group and possibly displayed on a sharepoint site.  thanks.  The code is below:

    Dim objoutlook As Object
    Dim oNameSpace As Object
    Dim oSpDesk As Object
    Dim oFolder As Object
    Dim objtask As Object
     Set objoutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

    Set oNameSpace = objoutlook.GetNameSpace("MAPI")
    Set oSpDesk = oNameSpace.CreateRecipient("blow, joe")
    Set oFolder = oNameSpace.GetSharedDefaultFolder(oSpDesk, 13)   '13 = olFolderTasks
    Set objtask = oFolder.Items.Add
        objtask.Subject = "Test"
        objtask.DueDate = CDate("12/30/2009")
        objtask.ReminderSet = True
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You need to build this from Sharepoint, not Outlook
HelpMePlease777Author Commented: you care to elaborate....thanks.
This is big. Not suited for this forum. You use Outlook and Sharepoint. You address many users. The better platform is thus Sharepoint as Outlook is personal and the logged-in user has no rights outside herself. Sharepoint has. Hire someone.
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