Business Objects XI 3.1 not sending emails after changing ReportsJobServer Destination email server name

I just moved my organization from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007. We were getting regularly emailed reports from our BusinessObjects XI 3.1 server until the move to 2007. I went into the Central Management Console > Servers > <name>.CrystalReportsJobServer and edited the Destination to include the new name of my Exchange 2007 server. Ive restarted all BOXI services, and also rebooted the BOXI server. Still no scheduled emails arrive. I have checked the Relay settings in my Exchange 2007 box, and mail from the BOXI server is explicitly allowed. I have no idea what setting Im missing. There are no errors in event log on my BOXI server. Not sure where else to look!?!
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mariaworldAuthor Commented:
Found the answer to my problem. The problem was that my BOXI server has two nics, and the 2nd nic's IP was not allowed in the Relay list on Exchange 2007.

How I found it:
When I logged onto BOXI server and telnet'd to port 25 of my 2007 exchange server, I got a response. But, the response was from AVG - our antivirus. I disabled the anti-virus figuring AVG was eating the emails, and then tested access to port 25 again. My exchange 2007 server would not accept a port 25 connection from my BOXI box at all. (I also then tested emailing a report from BOXI, and it actually finally gave an SMTP error.)

So, I went back to my relay list on Exchange 2007 (Hub Transport > Default Receive Connector > Network > "Receive mail from remote servers...." and added the machine's 2nd nic's IP address.

Retested emailing from BOXI, and all is well.
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