CMD.EXE - Program too big to fit in memory

Windows Server 2003 R2 will not run CMD.EXE or any *.cmd batch files. I loaded up PowerShell and tried to run cmd.exe from there to view the error message, and came up with "Program too big to fit in memory." The server does nothing but run a SQL Server 2005 database, and there are no performance or other problems with the server. It has run for the last couple of weeks with no problem except for the cmd.exe issue. Rebooting the server has no effect. COMMAND.COM runs fine.

mem /d (from PowerShell) returns:

  Address     Name          Size       Type
  -------     --------     ------     ------
  000000                   000400     Interrupt Vector
  000400                   000100     ROM Communication A
  000500                   000200     DOS Communication A

  000700      IO           000370     System Data
                  CON                   System Device Dri
                  AUX                   System Device Dri
                  PRN                   System Device Dri
                  CLOCK$                System Device Dri
                  COM1                  System Device Dri
                  LPT1                  System Device Dri
                  LPT2                  System Device Dri
                  LPT3                  System Device Dri
                  COM2                  System Device Dri
                  COM3                  System Device Dri
                  COM4                  System Device Dri

  000A70      MSDOS        001650     System Data

  0020C0      IO           002080     System Data
                KBD        000CE0      System Program
                HIMEM      0004E0      DEVICE=
                  XMSXXXX0              Installed Device
                           000490      FILES=
                           000090      FCBS=
                           000170      LASTDRIVE=
                           0007D0      STACKS=
  004150      COMMAND      000A20     Program
  004B80      MSDOS        000070     -- Free --
  004C00      COMMAND      0006F0     Environment
  005300      MEM          000620     Environment
  005930      MEM          0174E0     Program
  01CE20      MSDOS        0831C0     -- Free --
  09FFF0      SYSTEM       02D000     System Program

  0CD000      MSDOS        000610     -- Free --
  0CD620      MSCDEXNT     000160     Program
  0CD790      REDIR        000A70     Program
  0CE210      DOSX         0087B0     Program
  0D69D0      DOSX         000080     Data
  0D6A60      MSDOS        005580     -- Free --
  0DBFF0      SYSTEM       008000     System Program

  0E4000      IO           003100     System Data
                MOUSE      0030F0      System Program
  0E7110      MSDOS        008EE0     -- Free --

    655360 bytes total conventional memory
    655360 bytes available to MS-DOS
    632496 largest executable program size

   1048576 bytes total contiguous extended memory
         0 bytes available contiguous extended memory
    941056 bytes available XMS memory
           MS-DOS resident in High Memory Area
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fsouzabrasilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this error explain corrupted file.
jaredfaulknerAuthor Commented:
SFC /scannow detected/corrected the corruption.
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