jqGrid response after Add/Edit/Delete?


I am trying to use the jqGrid +jQuery with edit, add, delete can i display a message on the grid, whether the save/update/delete was successful or not?

an java/spring example would be perfect.
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Sathish David Kumar NArchitectCommented:
what ever ur popup form also u can set the inerHML value ....

do one thing put ur msg in session scope in ur controller  where u need u can dispaly the variable !!

You needn't do any Java/Spring logic. You will be doing add/update/delete operation in the AJAX call(may be using Jquery) ..
1) Place a <DIV it="myStatus"> just above the table, which can display your add/update/delete status
2) Based on the response of your AJAX call, decide your message

for example if AJAX call failed for ADD

document.getElementById("myStatus").innerHTML="Failed to add the record"

Sathish David Kumar NArchitectCommented:
As Nithyanandhan said is correct !!

ur using jGrid define in jsp that time u can define the div tag ....

Other wise u can set msg (succes or failer ) in ur controller at request scope

and u can get the  resuest scope variable in JSP using JSTL tag ....

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Amar-msAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, but what i am looking for is displaying the message on the form pop-up not the actual page.
then its simple..

do this in your javascript...

var status = <your AJAX call response>;

alert("Your operation failed");
alert("Your operation completed successfully");

if you want to do a popup window instead of alert  then you can use window.open
Amar-msAuthor Commented:
want to show it on the form itself not as a alert or a pop-up.
what do you mean by "form itself"?
Early you have mentioned "form pop-up"...

Do you have a form in a pop-up and want to display the message there? In that case you can do the same logic which I mentioned... using <DIV>
logic doesn't change based on your target place for message display...

Please make your statements clear.. it will save both of our time!!
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