Exchange Issues with SBS 2008

Have two issues with exchange:

1) For the last two day sI have issues of not receiving emails. Re-booting, and turning on/off Store Manage and Transport have resolved it temporary. With the old 32 bit exhnage it was possible some incomming mails would get stuck. Any insight on SBS 2008?
2) Sometimes main Store Manager doesn't start with reboot. Manually starts always. I added the delay start option with no apparent better results.

Thank you,
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just because you have been using it for a year without problems doesn't mean it isn't causing the problem now.

Symantec is renowned for causing these sorts of problems!
Glen KnightCommented:
What virus/spam software do you have on the server?

The sort of issues you mention can often be caused by thsi.  Try uninstalling the virus/spam software and see if the problem stops.

Disabling won't help it has to be removed.
wouterkcsAuthor Commented:
Use Symantec 10 for one year with NO problem!!

Also, I notice that shutdown will hang fo rmore than 30 minutes on STOPPING SERVICES.
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wouterkcsAuthor Commented:
Amazing -- now it works again -- still,yesterday it did as well.  

Let's see if I continue having problems this week, and id it works -- you earn your points.

What are the best (free) anti virus programs available??

Nothing free for AV on servers.
Plenty of choice if you want to dump the junk that is Symantec. For Exchange - Forefront or GFI Mail Security are good options. They are both multi-engined.

Glen KnightCommented:
I tend to use ESET NOD32 for Antivirus on my servers because it is light weight and pretty effective.

I then use Vamsoft for SPAM protection.

Don't use free AntiVirus software it's not worth it and stay away from Symantec!
wouterkcsAuthor Commented:
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