invalid work queue item

One of our office workstations had a blue screen error today called "Invalid Work Queue Item". After reboot, it seems to be okay. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening again?
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Most of the time its a driver/device problem. Typically with peripherals and hardware like USB devices, modems, NICs etc.  Maybe even a video card or keyboard driver.

If it happend once and never again, was there a device that was attached at the time that is no longer there? USB drive? That device could be the prob.

If it doesn't occur anymore it'll be hard to pinpoint. I guess you could be proactive and try to find and install the latest drivers for all your system componments, but that could be considered overkill for a problem that no longer shows up.

alnc2004Author Commented:

There was no new hardware or software installed. It just happened out of nowhere, but as you say, it might be overkill to try to troubleshoot it further unless it happens again.

alnc2004Author Commented:
I was hoping for an answer that identified exactly what caused the problem. Several message boards on the Internet have posts about this happening back in 2006. It looks like MS would have a patch for it by now.
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