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For each record how to add field to bottom of page

Ok, I am building a report for a church that serves as a financial donations letter that can be sent to the individual at the end of the year for tax purposes.  The basic report structure is this:

The outer portion of the report is a list which is grouped by MemberID.  So for each member the letter is displayed for that member showing that member's contribution for the current year.  In group properties I added a page break between each instance of the group.

Inside of the List I have the letter body which includes a table showing the financial contributions of the individual.

Well the person I am doing the report for wants the individual's name to show along the bottom of each page.   So if there are two pages in the letter for one individual there should be that individual's name on the bottom right of both pages.  For the next person there should be that person's name at the bottom right of the page.

A footer doesn't seem to work because that is not bound to a dataset so you only are able to use aggregate functions such as First(name).

I can't seem to include a text box below the contributions table either because it will only print the name at the bottom of the table, not at the bottom of the page.

Does anyone have a nifty solution for this?  I will upload a picture of what the current report looks like:

Thanks a lot!
1 Solution
What reporting system are you using?

ssoutrsAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the lateness of my response.  I was on vacation.  I am using SQL Server Reporting Services.
I actually found out how to do this which I will post so others who are looking for a solution will know.  In SQL Server Reporting Services there is not a built in method of accessing data in the footer area.  But you can access individual variables using the following syntax:


You can also create a custom VB function that sets a value to a variable then access that variable correctly.

So I basically just used a textbox in my report, set it to hidden, and put the data I wanted to keep track of in the textbox then accessed it using one of the methods above in the footer.  
I will just say for tax purposes, a detailed list of donations such as this is not necessary.

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