Configure Samsung SCH-i770 with Exchange 2007

   * In process of migrating email server from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007
   * Migrated a user that utilized Outlook from Windows Mobile on Samsung SCH-i770
   * Email servers are coexisting, so the new one has a new/different ip address

   * Samsung worked perfectly fine in Exchange 2003 configuration
   * Migrated last night to Exchange 2007
   * Cannot configure Samsung with Outllook to synchronize to Exchange 2007
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pridenetadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the support on this one and sorry for the delay in closing out.

Note:  we did confirm ActiveSync works.

But, we opted for standardization and got the user on a Blackberry with our BES.
Glen KnightCommented:
Just to confirm you have 2 public IP addresses?
One going to 2003 and one going to 2007?

How long ago dd you move the mailbox to the 2007 server?
It can take a while sometimes for the cleanup of the old
mailbox on the 2003 server.

Are you able to get OWA on the 2007 server for this user from outiside your network?
pridenetadminAuthor Commented:
Yes, we do have 2 public ip addresses going to each of the Exchange servers.

We moved the mailbox about 23 hours ago per this time stamp.

Yes we are able to get to OWA on the 2007 server inside and out of the network.
Have you actually confirmed that ActiveSync works?
Test it with the Microsoft test site:

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