creating bitmap from glyph outline?

Hi All,
I want to create a bitmap of a character.
createBitmap( hDC, DWORD* bitmapBuffer)
DWORD BytesReq = GetGlyphOutlineW(hDC, c, GGO_GRAY8_BITMAP, &glyphMetric, 0, 0, &mat);
DWORD * glyphImg= new DWORD[BytesReq];
DWORD r = GetGlyphOutline(hDC, c, GGO_GRAY8_BITMAP, &glyphMetric, BytesReq, glyphImg, &mat);
Can somebody please explain how I can use the output information in glyphImg to put the values in the bitmapBuffer? (bitmapBuffer is a pointer to the data section of a Bitmap)
MSDN says GetGlyphOutline()  returns "information" in the glyphImg output buffer. Exactly what information is rerturned in this buffer.
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Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:
You may want take a look at the tutorial at
as a complete source code there describes step by step how to use GetGlyphOutline().
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