conflict message in my outlook 2007

i am getting conflict email messages in my outlook 2007 inbox.  i usually see these messages go into a conflict folder.  why do i get these conflict messages?  how do i turned them off? if they are unnecessary that is.
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rvctechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another way to get these it to have connected a smartphone (blackberry, iPhone, HTC, etc) to your email account with either over the air or desktop sync. If both are fighting for SMTP or POP3 control, they can create conflicts on messages while each steps on the other. Managing the configuration properly on the smartphone device can usually fix this.

Just a thought! Hope it helps.. good luck.

Robert Cook
Sr. Network Engineer CCDA / CCNA / CCVP
Hi xCyberFreakx,

Have a look at the following:

xCyberFreakxAuthor Commented:
good job. we assume this is due to the blackberry.  the outlook has sp2, so that not the issue. i will rebuild the outlook .ost.  
also, i noticed the conflict messages all are from contacting the same user.  i wonder if that users outlook is having an issue.
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