Email forwarding problem

I have email forwarding configured thru Exchange Management Console so that "user1" email messages are forward to "user2".  The delivery option is set to deliver message to both forwarding address and mailbox. "user2" has a Message Rule applied in Outlook 2007 so that any email To "user1" goes to a specified folder. The Message Rule applied reads:
Apply this rule after the message arrives
sent to "user1"
move it to the "user1" folder

If a message is sent To both "user1" and "user2" the message for "user1" is sent to the specified folder but "user2" does not recieve the email in their Inbox.  Can "user2" receive both copies of the message?
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You are only going to get one copy of the message because Exchange knows they are the same, so a new rule would have to be created to "COPY" to the subfolder when both are in the recipients list and it would have to be before the move rule. The move rule would then need to have an exception in it.

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