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any pros on using Real Player and Real Player library

Posted on 2009-12-30
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-07
I've got questions on Real Player and it's library.
1. When I play a video in my library, as soon as the video is over, it starts over, with no time to move to another one or "pause" should I be trying to burn that video.
2. I'm finding problems with the volume control. When the video starts, if I have the volume adjustment all the way to the right, maximum volume, I can move it back to the left maybe 25% of the way toward "minimum" and back to the right to maximum and this increases the volume of the video as it begins to play. If I leave the volume control on maximum then the video will play at a slightly lower volume, then if I quickly move the adjustment to the left a little and back to max. This is an issue both on wanting to listen to the videos and for burning. I do not need to spend the first 1-2 seconds of each video making volume adjustments.
3. How to move videos around on the list. Do they drag to create the desired order?
4. These are flash videos. How would I move these videos to my desktop or where ever so the format can be changed from flash to something else?
5. How to delete a video from the list.
6. Even when I am on a site like www.espn.com and there is a 20 second commercial playing, there is always an option to let Real Player download the video of the commercial. I find this option on all videos regardless of website. Who has given Real Player the right to offer to download the videos? I'm sure they'd be out of business due to complaints if the videos they are allowing to be downloaded got someone in trouble over copyright laws. Has Real Player paid for the right to offer all videos?
7. If you know any other ways to download these videos to avoid the disadvantages of Real Player please offer them. There is a "burn" button and with the volumes not being max when the volume adjustor is as far to the right as you can get, is an issue. It means the playback volume of the original video is not 100% of the volume that was downloaded. I have to quickly move the adjustor to the left a little and back to the right to get max volume.
Question by:nickg5
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Accepted Solution

tbsgadi earned 1020 total points
ID: 26165816
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Expert Comment

ID: 26189407
Refs to 1, you may have added a cross over fade effect to close the gap between the clips.
Refs 2 Can't answer that one
Refs 3  a guide show you how to use the Library
Refs 4  open  preferences and setup a default folder on the desktop
change the look of the clip listings in My Library.
Refs 5  play lists are only pointers to the files
Here's how to delete
Refs 6
WM recorder
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Author Comment

ID: 26191727
someone said I should be able to right click on any video on the internet and get a download option. I do, but the only option is Real Player.
Merete: Refs to 1, you may have added a cross over fade effect to close the gap between the clips.
..........I did not add such a thing knowingly. I'm wondering why when one video ends, it immediately starts playing the same video over again, leaving no time to click on another video.

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Expert Comment

ID: 26196603
Take a look at the guide tbsgadi provided,
Here I'll post the page since you have to look for it
could also be the Turbo play
TurboPlay (TM) enables super-fast video playback over broadband connections by reducing the time it takes for a selected clip to begin playing. You click. It plays. That fast.

RealOne Player Plus lets you fade one audio clip into another just like a DJ would at a radio station or club. You can set the volume to fade in as a track starts, and fade out as it ends. You can also overlap your tracks so that the next clip will start even as the previous clip fades out.
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Expert Comment

ID: 26196628
I used to have Real Player Plus and Arcade but i get tired of it and now use different methods different media players easy to use
to download stuff burn to CD DVD  I think you need Reaplayer Plus.
Review of it
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Author Comment

ID: 26278687
people are telling me to use another method to download these U-tube videos. Even when I am on a webpage like www.espn.com and there is a short video commercial, there again, is the option to download the video using Real Player.
I've right clicked on videos and it seems Real Player is the only choice.
So, how to download a video using a different program?
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Assisted Solution

Merete earned 980 total points
ID: 26281011
Hi nickg5
I dont know about the Real video they are kind of protected content and cannot be downloaded using other tools, they have imbedded drm,
looking at your link they are all flash
 I'd check my temp IE files and look for any large sized files over 1 megs in FLV
I tested it by clicking on the video SportsCenter's Top Plays From Bowl Season
Once fully down loaded, wait till the add is over and it gets into the actual clip and fully played
pause it,
 lol it's a bit boring
I then checked my IE temp files and sure enough there it was 19 megs

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Author Comment

ID: 26283616
so though Real Player is my only way to download these videos, the file is in my temporary file list and i can save, or move, or change it some way so it can be played by WMP or other media player?

I am having people tell me there are better ways to download these videos. My systems show Real Player is the only way. I'm borrowing a Vista machine. And not sure how to locate temp. files.
And my pc may not be back for days, the hard drive may be bad.
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Expert Comment

ID: 26289066
Since there is people telling you there is better ways why don't they show then?
The site you llinked me uses flash and the temp copy of those files are also flash not playable in WMP but rather I use VLC
Why it asks you to use Real to download flash content i have no idea.
The youtube downloader should work fine just add the url of the media
DAP is another
You can upload it via VLC as well
IE temp files is located at the top of your web page or r/click Internet Explorer the Tools Internet options
Browsing history> view files, copy them out.
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Author Comment

ID: 26293577
I like Real Player but have isues using it. The volume issues is the main one if I want to burn.
I want a player than can do more than just play one at a time.
I'd like a library and playlist, etc.
I have not used VLC enough to know the features. I'll look into it.

Since there is people telling you there is better ways why don't they show then?
..................they are not answering.
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Author Comment

ID: 26389912
I was told to use start > run > %temp% to get to my temp files on Windows XP.

I'm not finding the type list you have shown in one of your remarks. I'm finding the files shown in a different way and it is not able to be seen the size of the files or the type with using my cursur on all of them and there are 100's.
Is there another way to locate a list of my temp. files?

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Author Comment

ID: 26390089
I did go to my computer > C:Windows and temp folder but no large flash file in there. I downloaded a video from Utube and I'm not finding a list of temp files like your image above shows.
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Expert Comment

ID: 26390321
LOL no not TEMP that's different fro your Internet Explorer temp files
Remember it's related to internet activity
go to your start menue r/click Internet exploer then internet options
or Tools Internet options>Browsing History>settings>View Files<< not view objects etc
r/click the page and arrange by type then look over to the top  NAME/Internet Address/Type Size/Expires. Drag that little separator bar further over to the right so you can see the size.
flash stand out by the size since most are around 2 megs
Refer to my snap above. Since I use VLC ornage striped cone and or FLV player blue circle the icon stands out to note the flv format.
You need to play the clip fully or download fully before it appears/ not all clips store
also if you have delete history on exit with IE they may be gone
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Author Comment

ID: 26393437
I have located a real player flash video, the only one in the list of temp. files though i completely downloaded a video yesterday and did not emtpy my temp files.
I can not seem to do anything with this file.
You said you downloaded one and then found it in your temp files. What did you to to move it or open it or change it etc?
This particular file is giving false or non cofirming info.
It says is expires today at 12:55 which has passed and it says it was last modified 4-3-09, which is impossible if I downloaded it yesterday?
I  right click on it after making it blue and I try open in Internet Explorer won't open it.
There are several hundred files in here and some are dated October 2010.....does this mean they will stay there until then?
Should these files be deleted every day?
I usually do control panel > internet options > delete temp files.
So, you are saying that list of temp files and the ones I just located with the real player file is not the same list of temp. files?
I see a couple other small real player files from ESPN but I never downloaded those videos, only viewed them and their size is very small........under 100 K
So, once I find a real player video file in my temp. files what can I do with it from there? and how?
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Expert Comment

ID: 26395067
No the temp IE files are off the web page, in flash format
Look at my snapshot where I highlighted the the flash I tested for you, it was off the web page you linked.
All I do is copy them out and use a flash player or VLC to play them
Which video are you playing post the URL and I'll test it and post a snapshit
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Author Comment

ID: 26397860
Merete: All I do is copy them out

All I can highlight in blue is the name of the file, not the internet address
Right click on the name there are only 3 choices:
copy but it won't paste any where
open in a new window = zero results
open = IE can not open it and suggest I need to be logged in on a website.
add to favorites is a choice
so is delete and properties.

So, when you say copy it.....how and to where?

This is clearly a real player video because it is over 6 mb and the only file over 1mb.
And the name on it is http://v1.lscache4.c.utube.com/videoplayback
It seems the 2nd column "internet address" needs to be copied?

NOW, on the left I see copy and delete under folder task. I click on copy and choose desktop. Then an error: can not copy file, can not read from the source file or disk

and under the "expire" column it says 1-24-10 and I do not know what this means, nor the "last modified" date of 4-3-09.

As I look at your snapshot, I can not read any of it, too small and blurry. But, I see you have the name highlighted just like me.
But the name of your file is not like mine because mine has the real player icon and then under TYPE, I am not seeing Flash Video on your snapshot.

I could try to post the snapshot of mine, but I do not know how.

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Author Comment

ID: 26408101
Merete: All I do is copy them out and use a flash player or VLC to play them

that is what I am not seeing: how to copy it out.
I've tried the ways listed in my last message.
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Expert Comment

ID: 26434412
Hi nickg5:
sorry been  away, copy then?
highlight them left cick n drag over
then  r/click and copy paste onto desktop
only highlight the actual file on the left  nothing else
If you can't copy maybe you need to be administrator?
Is this at home PC?
Sorry I dont why otherwise
thank you
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Author Comment

ID: 26442629
well, I'm getting different results, different ways.
Once the name of the file is highlighted in blue, then on the left of the large window is a "copy to" so I can send the file to my desktop or other place.
This one still has the "R" on it to show it was a Real Player video, but it can be right clicked on and opened with VLC.

I can left click and drag the file out of the window and onto my desktop.
right click > open > it opens with Real Player.
if I right click and choose VLC, it won't open in the media window. The timer at the bottom progresses left to right second by second but no video or sound.
Whereas the same video, "copied to" from the left side of the larger temp. file window will open in VLC
and play normally.

I've got a thread on Zilla Tube. It can download and convert.....my next project is to get my Real Player library videos to play on WMP and in a format for burning. I need to get the files out of my Real Player Library and saved somewhere else so I can remove Real Player and download a new version. All videos play at a lower volume than they were when they entered the library. The volume control can be moved to the left and back to the right quickly and a higher volume results.

I've tried to open a view U-tube videos and they have been "pulled" due to copyright claims by "whoever". So, the people who are  "uploading and distributing" the videos are getting them removed from U-tube. Maybe months later another user puts the same video up there for 30,000 views before it is removed again. One of these videos was from the 1970's. For heavens sake, does anyone really care if a video that old is seen by the world? No one is going to go out and buy it. No one will go buy a video clip from a 1970's TV show (ex: Roy Orbsion on the Tonight Show). It's not out there for sale any way. The guys are dead, let the world have that 3 minute clip.
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Expert Comment

ID: 26443024
I can left click and drag the file out of the window and onto my desktop<< may create a shortcut only not copy it...
best way is to copy it that's the simple way just make sure you get the actual flash file .
There's lots of stuff in there useless

if I right click and choose VLC, it won't open in the media window< solved and
.confirmed>> Whereas the same video, "copied to" from the left side of the larger temp. file window will open in VLC and play normally
But go one step further when you choose open with> go to choose what to open with then select VLC from the list put a tick to always use it. Apply
All your flv will now have the orange and white striped cone icon of VLC. easy to see  flv in your temporary internte files a well.

refs to>my next project is to get my Real Player library videos to play on WMP << forget that it is not supported in WMP.

Propiety codecs nickg5 , QT quicktime .MOV.. Real- RLM.. WMP> WMV
You have to use 3rd party tools to rid them of the DRM google them ok.
These are flash anyway the sports site and youtube VLC will play them and even record them

Refs to>and in a format for burning.<< they can be burnt to a data CD or data DVD as is !!!
if you want a VCD or DVD video then convert them  to mpeg many tools to do that. Nero Vision in Nero express. is one. VLC is another.
Refs to>U-tube videos
If the person uploading them does make any claim to the video but to share it as is they wont cut it.
I have videos uploaded too my youtube account as well. I just made sure i didnt put my name to the creation of it if i didnt make it.
Youtube downloader is good.Google it
It's still in flash though.
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Author Comment

ID: 26445143
my next project is to get my Real Player library videos to play on WMP << forget that it is not supported in WMP.
........I thought I could convert the flash videos to a format that WMP would accept?

Also, I wonder why Bill Gates and his technology and all his engineers do not create a media player that can download, convert, and burn?
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Expert Comment

ID: 26450893
Money and copyrights everyone wants a cut of the business.
I wouldnt want Bill to have any more control.over the software we use.
It's always been there, the different brands each payig huge sums to keep the rights of ownership.
MS now piad MPEG roylties to allow WMP to play DVD ( mpeg) natively within Vista and Windows 7 no need to download or pay for the decoder.
Motion Picture Experts group>MPEG
WMP will burn and rip cd so long as the DRM are not conflicted.

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