Direct shortcut to different user account on windows 7

Is there a way to create a shortcut directly to another user account on windows 7? I don't want a shortcut to the switch user screen, but a shortcut that would take me directly to the other users desktop?
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senadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I suppose to create an exit and log-on script or something similar....
But don't ask me how to do it... :-)
Not access another account you must log out out of yours first.
So you do it either by switching user or logging off completely and
then logging in with different credentials.A shortcut to skip this procedure
does not exist.To automate it,yes but to skip it,no.
dannyjriggsAuthor Commented:
So what is the automation process?
Make a shortcut to C:\Users\<username>\Desktop. You will need to have permissions to this folder, so browse to the folder using the Explorer and check the permissions. Or add yourself to the local Administrators group.
dannyjriggsAuthor Commented:
The question was answered but I'm not happy about it ; )
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