"The project location is not trusted." error when in XP Mode

When I open my Visual Studio 2008 project (a VB.NET desktop application), I get the following error message.  

The project location is not trusted.  
\\tsclient\E\  {remainder of project path withheld by me}
Running the application may result in security exceptions when it attempts to perform actions requiring full trust.

***  NOTE:  This error only occurs when I open the project within XP Mode on Windows 7.  ***

Following recommendations in articles I'd Googled, I tried adding a new code group with Full Trust under the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Configuration tool, but either I have done something wrong or this approach is not the answer.  

In the .NET 2.0 configuration tool, I added a new code group ("myCodeGroup") to All_Code, LocalIntranet_Zone, and I set the condition type = URL.

I then specified Full Trust for the following mapping


However this doesn't seem to eliminate the error message.  It seems that it has something to do with the fact that I am running under XP Mode

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No, it is because you are using UNC path for the project. Please read this article from MS


XP mode is its "own" VM... So you are running the Project in a VM basically... You need to configure the VM correctly.

(You didnt say "Compatibility mode)
casatoneAuthor Commented:
Actually my solution was to move the project to my local drive on a PC not running XP Mode and so I bypassed the UNC issue altogether.

I'm awarding you the points though because you got me thinking about whether or not it was a MUST situation to have the project be on a network location.  I would have preferred it to be on the network, but I've worked around that.

Thanks much for your input.
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