Why cannot read a external hard drive in XP but can in Mac and Vista?

I have a external hard drive that I can use in my Mac and my Vista PC.

But when I plug it in my XP pc, it won't show up on "My Computer", however I can see it on "Disk Managemente" with no letter asigned and all options grayed out when I right click it.

Is it possible XP cannot read the hard drive because maybe it is NTFS and XP is Fat 32?

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By right, your external HD can able to read on windows xp. if you see on device manager and see it has turn into gray, which mean that your ext hd need to be recognize it by formatting and if you wish to make partition, it is available to do it.

Windows XP, under normal circumstances, is NTFS--not FAT32.  Also, XP reads FAT32 devices.

What cable are you using? If USB, is it a 1.1 or 2.0 cable? Did you try another USB slot on your machine? Do you have all Windows Updates downloaded and installed? If you have a motherboard-based USB port, have you flashed your BIOS yet with the latest hardware update?

giangabrielAuthor Commented:
USB cable 2.0
Yes, did try another USB ports
Updates, will check
Bios, will check
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Windows XP work on FAT/FAT32/NTFS drives.
Windows Vista introduce a new filesystem (exFAT).
Verify in your Vista system the filesystem used by your external drive.
the solution is to convert the partition in vista system to ntfs or fat32.
My suggestion would be to check USB Devices under your USB Controller in the Device Manager on your XP box.  To enter the Device Manager in XP right click 'My Computer', then select "Mange" under System Tools select the Device manager.  Highlight and exapand the USB Controllers....make sure all devices under the USB controller appear to be functioning properly.  If any of the USB devices are having a problem there should be either a Yellow or Red Icon tagged to the device.  If you have any USB devices with Icons associated with them....right click the device and select Uninstall.  Then restart the computer and XP should automatically detect the devices and ask you for the location of the drivers.

**  Of course before you unistall any device in the Device manager make sure you download the latest USB drivers for you computer and save them to a folder.  You should be able to download the drivers from the Manufacturer web site of the computer in question
Secondly with a USB External hard drive it should not matter how the drive is Formatted...NTFS, FAT32 etc.....Vista Should read the drive.  This sounds like a USB issue.
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
first , try this : in disk management , assign a drive letter, then the disk will show in XP

you can also assign a fixed letter to it :   http://www.uwe-sieber.de/usbdlm_e.html
if still problems, in device manager, click show hidden devices in view tab
then delete all entries of your disk !
giangabrielAuthor Commented:
Nobus: When I right click the drive I get only the Help option. I cannot change the drive letter.

Thank you
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
i posted another solution
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