How to automatically start a perfmon Data Collector Set After reboot

I've defined a data collector set in Windows 2008 perfmon.  Everytime I reboot, I have to manually start it.  What is the easiest way to make it auto-start?  I'm using perfmon 6.0.6002 that comes with Windows Server 2008
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sevzasAuthor Commented:
Thanks for these replies.

BarryDo - that alternative looks good, but paying for it can't really be justified when perfmon does the trick for free.  Perfmon is built-in, pre-istalled and ready to go.
Faraz -  I've been through these docs a 1,000,000 times.  I've even read Windows 2008 unleashed which really doesn't offer much more info.  There are so many options in perfmon and nobody has bothered to explain exactly what impact each one of them has.  Instead I have to play with it and reverse engineer the impact of each option.  Using scheduler seems to work only in the future, not during re-start.

anyway, the right answer appears here

You gotta use the logman command in a startup script.
why dont you just get some proper monitoring software like :op

that way it can monitor all your systems for you and have it alert you when problems are found. plus you will get a lot more alerting set up rather than just a few counters
* * sorry bad link
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.


You can Schedule Data Collection in Windows Performance Monitor to start on your specified schedule in Windows 2008:

Faraz H. Khan
sure, but perfmon only highlights problems when you KNOW there's a problem already, i think every company should have some sort of monitoring solution - the amount of things you dont know are going on would shock you, a couple of days ago our monitoring system detected problems with the network that lead me to work out that we had actually had our wireless hacked. there's no way i would have known without the monitoring software. its possibly slightly off topic but i really think that every company should have some kind of automated monitoring. i recommend you look into it further as another project..

good job on getting the solution and happy new year :)
sevzasAuthor Commented:
BarryDo - thanks for the follow-up and happy New Year!

If I proactively deploy perfmon with many performance counters (which is what I'm doing), I don't understand how that's different from using batsmonitoring.
ah fair enough, if you can manage it all and it does everything you want for free then thats great!

monitoring software probably does a lot more (service, filesize monitoring, third party software monitoring like backups and antivirus, blar, blar, blar) and is probably a bit more configurable, but perfmon would be quite nice if you have a blackberry or similar so you can get email alerts to your phone so you can effectively get texts. i wonder if you can get perfmon to monitor another server so if it goes down you get an alert?

I'm gonna shut up now bcs it was only a passing helpful comment and i really dont want to go off topic too much. all the best.

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