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I am not much of a hardware guy and am against a rock here.  I have a 9406-270 V5R2 that was purchased for a client.  The vendor said we would get the new License keys before the grace period expired.  When we got the machine it was asking for a System Password.  They told me I would get it with the license keys.  Long story short, I installed this machine at a client because their old one is dead.  Now I have until Sunday the 3rd before the Bypass mode for the System Password expires.  There is supposed to be a request to get a new password, but probably not before it expires.  So here are my questions:

1. Is there any way at all to extend or reset the grace period?
2. What will happen after Sunday?  Will it still work until the system IPL's again?

Thanks for any help,

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Gary PattersonConnect With a Mentor VP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Once the grace period expires (usually 70 days) you may lose access to licensed program features, or a lower usage limit may be applied, depending on the LPP.  

You need to contact your provider, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM and get some emergency keys generated right now.

What specific products are you getting license keys grace period messages on?  Sometimes you can change the number of users without entering a license key.

Who is the vendor that you are dealing with?  

Call them and light a fire.  Post the company name here, and then follow up by posting how they respond to your emergency.  Tell them that you are posting online about your troubles with them and will be posting about how they handle the issue.  Send their marketing person a link to this question.

If the provider is not immediately responsive, call the key contact number for IBM in your country (in the US: 1-800-446-8989). They can generate and email or fax emergency keys.

The system password can be bypassed for a while, but after the bypass period ends, you will not be able to complete an IPL without the correct system password, so don't IPL!

- Gary Patterson

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DCS12Author Commented:
I am talking about the System Password not a LPP licenses.  I have applied the license keys.  This is the System Password which I believe is a combination of the processor serial, IOP and maybe the system serial.  I believe this happens when the processor group changes and/or processor.  
 Do you know what I am referring to?
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Yep.  AFAIK, the only way to get the system password is from IBM.  This is not usually a "same day" thing, since you need to go through the IBM RPQ process (Request Price Quote).

New systems come with the correct system password already installed.  When you perform an ownership change or hardware change that results in a model change, you need a new 16-character system password.

You'll need to provide IBM the following info:

Serial Number, System Type, System Model, and System Feature Code

- Gary Patterson
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_b_hConnect With a Mentor Commented:
After the Bypass period ends, the system will not IPL beyond the System Password entry screen.

I have not seen this in a while, but the last I recall is that LPP licenses are handled by IBM Denmark, and hardware entitlement is out of Brazil or Rochester. You should be able to email them and get a temporary password. Include all of the info on that screen. I will look for email addresses when I get back to the office but can't make any promises.

We need Tom Liotta's opinion on this one. Tom, are you out there?

DCS12Author Commented:
We got the computer from Minnesota Computers for a client of ours that is 7 hours away.  We got it and it's asking for a system password.  They told us we would get the System Password along with the new license keys.  Well we got the license keys, but no password.  Then they told us we would have in November.  Then they told us they needed pictures of the serial numbers on the box because it came from London.  So I figure they should have it soon.  I call Monday to find out what is going on and the guy who did the deal with us is on vacation until Jan 2nd and the other iSeries guy is now telling us that it is our responsibility to get the system password and pretty much won't do anything else.  

We have talked to someone who Minnesota Computers got the box from and they have sent the request to IBM.  So now I'm faced with driving to the client Saturday and moving everything from that box to a loaner (one of our old 170's), then knowing IBM we will get the password sometime next week and I'll have to go back to move everything back to the 170.

Oh did I mention the company was MINNESOTA COMPUTERS!!!
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Thanks for sharing.  Everyone makes mistakes - the difference is how "great" service providers handle the problems.  Keep us posted, please.

- Gary
DCS12Author Commented:
As you can see we are taking care of our customer.  

Thanks for responding guys.  Have a Happy New Year!

Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Happy New Year to you, too, and good luck obtaining a new system password.  

- Gary
tliottaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd add something new, but everything seems covered. My biggest concern would be the responsiveness of IBM over a V5R2 system, not to mention the holiday timing.

Personally, I'd hope that V5R4 and maintenance are both involved in the sequence. Getting IBM in motion is no simple task in these cases of out-of-support. (And going to V5R4 on a 270 with maintenance seems a little odd compared to going with a more current system.)

If valid license LPP license keys are in place, I don't recall issues other than for IPL. Unfortunately, like most people, I've rarely had to run for extended periods without a system password.

One outside potentially serious problem might be the "SUID" (System Unique Identifier, a 12-character code). I don't have direct experience with those on any newer systems than model 400s. I have a vague memory that they're not used any more. IIRC, those were harder to get out of IBM than system passwords. I'm not sure how many different maintenance routes lead to a need for SUID. I _think_ that replacement of the load-source could be one cause on older systems. And I _think_ I've only seen those during procedures that also involved System Passwords, but System Passwords don't always involve SUIDs.

Wish I knew more.

DCS12Author Commented:
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