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4 powerhouse servers and sharepoint

You have four 64-bit, 24GB servers, with 16 cores each with which to implement SharePoint.  I know there are some variables here, buit how well do you think it can handle 1000 users.  How many users can it handle?  Intent is to ultimately replace 90% of file share functionality. which has 1TB of data.

I've intentionally left storage out because it can be expanded upon overtime.  History shows me the other things are much harder to get "approved" for expansion since the case to be made for expanding things like processors and memory tends to be more subjective (vs storage with either "IS" or "ISN'T" running out).  Assume RAID 10.


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Boy, this reeks of a garbage in=garbage out.  How many users?  How about how many transactions/sec?  

The biggest thing is your storage farm.   It isn't rocket science to know that 4 x 500GB SATA disks in a RAID10 isn't going to handle a fraction as many transactions as a few dozen 73GB 15k RPM SAS-2 disks.

RAID10, absolutely not.   Lots of RAID1 SAS or 4Gbit FC devices.

Also use a good SSD, and not the cheap NAND-based stuff ... you need the DRAM-based SSD that starts in the $10K range and goes up.   Use this for index files & scratch table space and such.

crmsharepointAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the insight...actually the microsoft sp guys laughed when they heard the specs...laughing as in overkill.  In any case it's 1000 users.  The extent to which it will be used is "unknown," because we don't know how well user adoption will go.  Nevertheless my current personal assumption is:

first 6months = 100GB corpus
2 years out = 1TB corpus

Thanks for your input on the storage.  Unfotunately it's one thing I've no control over though.  Actually in reality I got RAID 5, though I am assuming RAID10 because it will eventually need this (also recommended by microsoft at both the SP conference, and the on site consultants).  

SSD is interesting, but I think it's a maybe-someday type of thing, again due to no control over that in this particular world.  People here aren't going to buy $10k SSD drives when they've seen SP tried and fail 3 times (from both user adoption, and incompetent implementer perspectives) - hence the reason why i'm brought in, as well as some MSFT backup.

In any case, I'm going to look into your RAID1 SAS thinking; also appreciate the insight on DRAM vs NAND.

Any other thoughts?

crmsharepointAuthor Commented:

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