Blackberry BES logon issue


I have been using BES for a few years now with no issues, I recently changed some server that are not related to the BES server and now the services will not start - I get the error "1069 The service did not start due to logon failure.  I have not changed any AD servers so cannot understand why this would happen.  I have looked at the forums and see it's user account related, i have even ctreated a new user account and tried to start the services that way but to no avail.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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gaffieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you please check this:
start - administrative tools - services - double click service that won't start - 2nd tab - and check which user account the service is using?
rsliveAuthor Commented:
++ Thanks for that, reset password in services and BES started,

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