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I'm running a forum and for new year I need to send a report to all subscribers.

Is there anything like PoMMo to send mass email with simply importing a TXT list of emails and send them an email with a PDF attachment? It should use sendmail, so e-mails will be Inbox.

Any experience?
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pavarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can judge for yourself here: 
PHP-list is your best bet i think.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Not sure what you mean by "e-mails will be Inbox." but I can tell you a little about my experience with several hundred thousand emails over the years.

I have written my own scripts that used the PHP mail() command and that used the PHP Mailer class.  Most of the time these things worked fine, however there are constant battles with the spam filters.  To get away from the time-consuming and thankless task of battling the spam filters, I now use Constant Contact, a service, that costs only pennies a day and works flawlessly.  There are other services, such as iContact, but our staff liked the Constant Contact interface and there was no meaningful difference in price at all.

If I were sending out a lot of PDF files I would consider instead sending a LINK to the PDF files on my server instead of an attachment.  Many people read their email on Blackberries and the like - they may not get the attachments.  One advantage of the Constant Contact service is that you can tell from their reports who has read your email messages and who has opened files or attachments.

Also, I would consider whether I needed to send a unique PDF to each client.  If so, sending a unique link to each client would require some coordination between the email address and the name of the PDF file.

Anyway, best of luck with it and Happy New Year, ~Ray
CSecurityAuthor Commented:
Happy new year... Sorry Ray, I cannot afford on coding custom mailer for myself now, I'm too busy and out of time, just need some ready made scripts, install, add email list and send out mails... @Pavar, Does PHPLIST sends attachment and imports contacts easily?
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