SQL Server 2005 Setup fails because SQL Server Failed to Start

Hello Experts,

I am having trouble installing SQL Server 2005:

I am installing on a work group using the Local System Account. I have installed and uninstalled several SQL Server instances using this method on this machine.

Now when I try to install a new instance, the setup fails during the SQL Server Database Services section with the following message: " The SQL Server service failed to start"

The OS is Vista so I trued to explicitly "Run as Administrator" even thogh I am logged on as Administrator - no luck

I also completely uninstalled all SQL Server components and now nothing will install back (see above error msg)

Does anyone know what is going on here???

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brejkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What's in the installation error log? There should be a reason why the installation failed. Also, I found a KB article describing the same error message: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/920114.
Check the SQL Service in Services Section in Windows management , and check the Logon properties for this service.
SaxitalisAuthor Commented:

The link you provided gave me a clue what to do. I installed using Network Service instead of Local System. I don't really understand why Local System stopped working when it always worked in the past but all is well now...

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