ISA Vs Squid Proxy

I am using Microsoft ISA for the users to access the applications internally.
Users hit the ISA server to access the application serverrs internally through LAN.
I want to replace ISA server with SQUID proxy running on Linux platform.
Users will be accessing the URL which should hit the SQUID proxy & inturn the proxy server should redirect the request to the application server .

Let me know if this can be achieved.
My application server  is in Windows platform . Can we configure the SQUID proxy to authenticate based on the windows domain credentials ?
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If you are wanting to use Squid just for a non-caching reverse proxy, then I would recommend using Apache instead.

Where are your users?  On different part of the LAN, or external?
I switched in many environment ISA to squid, in my company I use squid.....
indeed squid is the best but keep in mind it requires times and skills to install, manage and configure it with other components. I used it in many complex environments with success but again you need  the skill in Linux and squid (open source packages)...
Just do it.....

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