DELL Precision M4400 - XP Prof SP3 : don't boot


My DELL won't start anymore.
There is an bootable fresh XP Prof SP3 in the disk-drive : when starting the pc it only shows DELL Precision and then it stops. I have a black screen. Nothing happens.

Also when on startup I press F8 and choice Save mode : it starts loading and then at the +/- 10 file it stops (it hangs).

The only thing I can do when starting up is prees F2 and go to the BIOS. Thats all. The OS doesn't start.

The last few days I had already troubles : many times a blue screen. So I could solve my files etc,
I saw also some viruses but wasn't able to delete them (I was not able to install my anti-virus Panda, also I was not able to click further on the internet ..)

Now everything stopped.

How can I fix my PC, How can I boot it and install a fresh OS?

Thanks for help.
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haezebanAuthor Commented:
thanks, but it gives me help when windows XP is started from a CD.

This is not possible, it starts from CD with setup is loading files and then I have the message windows is starting now, and then it crashes wit a STOP:0x00007B.  I don't receive the setup menu with the choice to install, repair etc....

I find that i need to do chkdsk or a format but how can I do this if I can not start the system?
I think it is a virus in the bootsector.

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You are getting the 0x7b stop error because XP requires sata drivers on this system. You can either enter the bios and change the Sata operation from AHCI to ide(then no driver is needed to install xp) or use a program like nlite( to slipstream the sata driver onto an xp cd.
Here my troubleshooting procedure :
Precautions :
-During connecting or disconnecting devices, be sure to have the AC removed
-Temporarily ground yourself, or use a wrist strap for ESD prevention

-Clean the system from dust, then  test with the minimum setup - disconnect also all peripherals and network cables :
-What to connect :  only  motherboard + CPU + 1 ram stick, video card, power supply
-Verify that the 4-, 6- or 8-pin CPU Aux power plug is connected
-Verify that the VIDEO card has a power connecter - if yes, connect the power to it !
Now power on  your PC : on boot, do you have a display?
-if NO it is one of the connected: RAM, Power supply , video card or monitor, so if possible swap ram, Power supply, video card or monitor - leaving only motherboard and cpu
-if YES, connect devices till the problem shows
*** note : if the fans are running, this shows there is 12 V present from the Power Supply; this does not mean the PS is ok, you still need 3.3 V and +5 V as well; and other signals.
Additional tests and things to try :
-boot without ram, it should beep; (also, without video card)
-try bios default settings, (if possible) or clear the bios by removing AC and bios battery
-renew the CPU heatpaste, and verify that the heatsink is mounted flat on the CPU, allowing for a good thermal contact
-you can also check the motherboard for bad capacitors as shown here :

The term POST refers to the Power On Self Test  procedure - here a link  with a short explanation
haezebanAuthor Commented:

I could start the pc with a knoppix live cd. I scan it with clamav and found a few trojans.
All infected files I deleted them manually. (I had some files in the system32 directory but comparing them with an other win xp prof SP3 there they didn't exist (so I deleted the files).

But still can not start any windows on it, neither from harddisk or from a new boot CD windows xp prof sp3.
When starting windows the blue screen comes with the 0x07B error.

For : Jamietoner
I looked in the sata-operation in my BIOS and it stands on IRRT, i have no ide. Only disabled, ATA, AHCI and IRRT.

For noBus : I work with a laptop, no pheripals are connected.

I am not an expert on hardware (I do know nothing about it for playing with it).

>>  There is an bootable fresh XP Prof SP3 in the disk-drive   << is that a CD, or a new install ?
The ATA mode is the same as IDE mode. But first since IRRT is enabled do you have 1 hdd or 2 installed in the system? If you have 2 and are using IRRT mode(similar to raid 1) then the best way to reinstall would be to use nlite to slipstream the Intel Matrix storage drivers onto an xp cd. If you only have a single drive IRRT isn't being used so switching to ATA mode won't cause any problems and will get rid of the 0x7b stop error when trying to reinstall from the xp cd.
haezebanAuthor Commented:
Hi JamieToner,

I changed to ATA-mode and restart. It loads the bios, then you hear the CD and the it stops (black screen) nothing on and computer is quite.
It even don't start to load the setup-files from CD.

I cahnged again to IRRT-mode : it loads the setup-files. But when Setup is starting Windows we are back on the error.

Hi nobus,

The CD is an ISO I burned on it (in the correct way because I tested the CD already on an other computer)

ok -  if the CD is ok, i see different possibilities :
-bad drive
-bad cable
-bad ram
you can  test or swap each; for ram , use memetest86+ from
haezebanAuthor Commented:
Sorry Guys but after a lot of time I solved it as follows :

Put out my hardisk and make and attach it to another computer. From this laptop (who is completely teh same as mine we took an image on my harddisk and then put the harddisk back in my pc.

2 minutes after the same problem : we detected that i have these viruses when I attached an external hardisk (in his autorun there was a virus.)  I attached the external HB because there was the setup for my virus programm Panda.

Start the whole procedure again, install anti-virus from internet immediately and then attached the external HD (with a scan of this external HD we found the problem).

But I learned here somethings of you both, thanks for help.  I will divide the points.
haezebanAuthor Commented:
The solution didn't helped but I learned new things. But thanks for time and help
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