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I'm trying to help someone out here. They've sent me these files and tell me that suddenly all of their background has turned white as you can see on the pictures. Apparently, when they try to modify anything too it doesn't let him either.

Any tips/pointers? I'm assuming there's a setting somewhere that needs to be modified?
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I take it this is the site here


would need to see the code, not screenshots, then try and figure out what's wrong.
YashyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response Philip. It's not the website, but the actual dreamweaver software that seems to be causing a problem. Those pictures are what he's trying to do in Dreamweaver and the background is all white and no changes are allowed.

Would you still need the code or is this a setting in Dreamweaver that has been played around with which needs to be set back?

Thanks again
In the site I listed this is what gives the background its black

body {
      background-color: #10100E;

Is this a site that has been done by someone else that your friend has been given to do?

It may be in his interests to start from new, rather than to try and use somebody else's code. Especially if they are unsure what they are doing. I've inherited sites in the past and sometimes the easiest thing to do is to redo rather than try to get things to work. That way you know you're dealing with your own code and it would be easier to maintain in the future too.
YashyAuthor Commented:
No, he's using doing it himself for himself. As far as I know, he hasn't copied anybody else and the website is fine. I just think he's having problems with the actual Dreamweaver application where nothing can be changed and the background remains white.

So basically, on his published website everything is fine. However, he must have pressed something in Dreamweaver which 1) Doesn't allow him to make any changes within the application and 2) the background within Dreamweaver remains white and he wants it to revert to black.
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