Administrator Tools - AD Users and Computers not accurate.

When I have a domain account that's locked out and I open that account through AD Users and Computers it doesn't show it as locked. If I go to XP workstation everything is display accuracily. Our DC are running Windows Server 2003 and my Win7 workstation is Ultimate.
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Batuhan CetinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The lockout symbol is a little different and hard to see in Windows Server 2008 Windows 7 administrator tools. It is a small arrow heading downside like a shortcut symbol. May you not have seen it?
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djs6197: If you have more than one domain controller, connect to each one individually by going to the Action menu in Active Directory Users and Computers and selecting Connect to Domain Controller.  Verify that they all show the same status for the user.  If not then you may have an AD replication problem.
Verify AD replication:

1. Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner.  You can download from

2. Verify AD replication with repadmin: REPADMIN /REPLSUM /BYSRC /BYDEST /SORT:DELTA

3. Verify Active Directory health with DCDIAG.  Command is DCDIAG.EXE /e /test:frssysvol
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