Outlook Express 6.0 crashing

I have outlook express 6.0 and recently it started to happen that when i download my e-mail that certain mail will cause the program to close when I click on them. Becaus of that I am also unable to remove them. How can I get around this problem since I cannot delete these bad e=mail form within outlook express 6.0.
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Another option would be to temporarily turn off the 'Preview Pane'  option from 'View'>'Layout'.
You can the select & delete your message without it trying to open.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
If you move your Outlook Express .DBX files to a different location, then open up Outlook Express it will automatically create new folders for Inbox, Sent Items etc.
Then you can import the mail back into your new files and it should stop importing when it gets to the unhappy message, leaving you with a working Outlook Express.
I agree with jasfout -- i think you easiest option is to turn off the preview pane and then delete the bad emails.
mc2exploreAuthor Commented:
Good simple solution. just what I wanted.
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