How do I know which RAID Array my server currently has?

I need to figure out which type of RAID is currently on our server. We have an SR2300 running Windows Server Standard 2003 with AD, DC, Exchange, etc. and are having problems with a beeping noise coming out of the server itself. Can I retrieve this info via Device Manager?
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If you are running RAID in degraded mode (which could very well be why it is beeping) , then one more drive failure means 100% data loss.  What are you waiting for?!!  Go into BIOS and see what the problem is.
Device manager won't tell you the RAID level (assuming hardware raid) ... but it will tell you make/model of the RAID controller.  Once you know that, then I would hope that the vendor has a windows-based utility that you can run that will let you manage the RAID.   (There is also a lot to be said for going to the POST and looking at the BIOS-based configurator that vast majority of RAID controllers support)
What make and model of server do you have?
renniscomAuthor Commented:
Its an Intel SR2300. Having some serious beeping noises coming out of it. By going into BIOS I would know?
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