WCA not found in path

I recently had a crash, and have spent the better part of a week rebuilding my PC.  I can no longer get to the "Workflow Communication Activity (WCA)" generator from a given solution's location.  

I know that I've re-installed the SDK for .NET 3.0, and the program WCA.EXE does exist in "Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\V6.0\Bin", and I could just hard code the additional PATH element into the environment variables, but

I don't recall having done this when I first installed VS2008, or the SDK, and think I've missed something else during the re-installation.

Has anyone been there, done that?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide,
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What's the error you're getting?

jackwebb22002Author Commented:
It was "File not found", i.e., the program was not there.  But no worries, I reinstalled and got it back.
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