Car door will not open.

I have an 1999 Aurora and the other day I went to open the driver door and it just pulls up without any tension on it.  I don't remember hearing or feeling anything snap, but now the door only opens from the inside.  What might have happened and is this something that can be fixed easily?  

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convisoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
one of the metal parts on the inside door handle broke.  It can be easy to fix.

First, go to the local junk yard or order the inside handle linkage parts from the internet.  (going to the local junkyard, you get to see how hard and what parts may be needed.)  - You may even buy a whole door - with luck even the same color.)  - Make sure to select the correct side - if it is a right side door, get right side door parts.  There MAY be some differences for right and left.

You have take the inside door cover off.  start with the door hand rest, and work around all the edges of the door. (you will also have to remove trim parts like the inside door open handle.)

Reaching in side the door frame (with the window rolled up can be tight.  I have doen it myself with big hands.  It can be done.

The easy way out is to take it to the shop or buy the whole door.  (buying the whole door will require you the cut any power window/lock wires however which can also be a problem)

Thanks, Dave

Kamaraj SubramanianApplication Support AnalystCommented:
just take your car to near by mechanic shop :)

they will fix the door for low cost :)
DCS12Author Commented:
Really? I thought I post this in the Automotive zone.
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After you take the inside cosmetic cover off (the sides and bottom are often just attached with clips you pry off), you will find a metal frame with lots of holes where you can reach in to replace parts like the outside handle linkages.
pnrhaitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with Dave but me personally I would take the inside door cover off and investigate if arm actually broke off or just slipped and can easily be reattached... This happened in my 97 Grand Am and it was extremely easy to reattach and worked good as new, but if it is broken I would do the above.. do a google search for the parts you may need and the instructions on how to change it out as well since the junkyard my not have the same model and rear alot of these parts are same in other models and years that will work just the same. Going to a dealer can get quite expensive if you think you can do it yourself I would go that route first..
Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As said remove the inner door pannel & inspect the locking mechanism while another person tries  to open the door (constantly).
It is probably a disconnected linkage (its retainer C-clip has come off).
If you can Do It Yourself, then buy a new retainer C-clip & re-connect the linkage, otherwise its go to a garage.
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