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domain is made up of a 03 SBS and a terminal server which is a 03 Standard.  Need to add 40-50 new laptops for remote users.  Remote users will use an application on laptop then send data to an IIS server then update database on the terminal server.
I am aware of a sbs limitation of 75 users and want to know if I will run into performance problems by adding this amount of users to the domain.  The chances of all remote users being on at the same time are slim.

Currently we have appx 50 domain computers on the lan.
Based on what I have been told for the software to work correctly I will need additional cals with a SQL component for each remote user so the software will communicate correctly with the IIS server then the terminal server database.  
Is it possible to have this solution and not join the extra laptops to avoid the limitation of SBS?  
Do I need to possibly upgrade this SBS to a 03 or 08 Standard Server to avoid too many simultaneous user connections?  Again the chances of all remote users being on at the same time are slim.

We are piloting the product with several to see if it is what they say it is.
I want to avoid having this limitation of SBS when we decide to implement the rest of the laptops.  Also want to budget correctly as I know licensing with Microsoft is not cheap.
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The licenses are not concurrent which means if you have 100 users you need 100 CAL's which you cannot do with SBS of any version.

You could consider an upgrade to EBS which supports 250 users:
Cris HannaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As Demazter points out.  Licensing is not concurrent.  SBS utilizes USER CALS and DEVICE CALS.   Think of the CAL as ticket you might get when you go to an event.  There are only 75 tickets available to this event.   When you hand out a ticket to a USER, that's their ticket and no one elses...the only way that ticket could go to someone else is if the original owner of the ticket leaves the event, and will not return.
With Device CALs its somewhat the same.  You can have 75 computers, and it's like putting a yellow sticky on each of those computers to represent a DEVICE CAL.  You can have any number of users can share those computers, so you could have 100 or more user accounts, but they are limited to using one of those 75 computer .   If one person is logged on to each of the 75 computers, user number 76  has to wait until one of those computers with a yellow sticky becomes available.
scania89Author Commented:
If an upgrade is the only path what are the recommendations for the bundled components?  Seperate hardware for the Exchange and most likely for SQL?
Can the current CALs be upgraded or am I buying all new CALs?
Glen KnightCommented:
You would be buying new CAL's I believe.

I would definately look at Essential Business Server 2008.

it has the same sort of discounting as SBS does so your not buying full Exchange/Windows Licenses.
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