Subreport/ Subform not showing up in Main Report

I have a report with a subreport in the report footer. I see the outline of the subreport in the report footer in report view. I can even see the labels but I do not see the text boxes or the values in them.
All I need to do is to have the subreport values show up in the report footer from the subreport. (The values come from a different query than the query for the main report.)

My question is: Is there a setting that I need to set to have the values show up? As I said I see the subreport, just no values are showing.

Thank you in advance.
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jonsuns7Author Commented:
I was able to solve it. I actually unlinked the Master and Child fields. I only needed to have the subreport's values be visible, I could see the report, but only the labels appeared and an outline of the subreport.

Once I unlinked the values everything appeared in report view.
Make sure you have the reportfooter & subreport as can grow

Helen FeddemaCommented:
If you open the subreport separately, do you see the values?
I think you should link the master and child field.
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