Flash CS4 Animation "Closed Captioning"

Is there a standard means of implementing a "closed captioning" style feature to Flash animations? I'm not referring to video...just a straight-forward animated presentation.

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CyanBlueConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd treat the CC as a part of an animation in that case...
What I am saying is that you basically have to lay out the text you'd like to display on the screen per key frame or something...

ghostirAuthor Commented:
That was my initial thought, as well. My concern is, however, the script upon which the captioning is based, is highly prone to modification by the client. A separate document feeding the captions (XML or even text-based) would accomodate this situation more efficiently.

However, you've likely confirmed what I have suspected...thanks!
Well...  If the CC needs to be updated constantly, you could create a data file and have the app load CC data from it before you start the animation...  Once those CC data are fully loaded, you can start playing the animation and place the individual CC text on the frame of your choice...  That could be done easily if the frame number of each CC text are fixed, but it could be abit tricky if they are not...  But, yes, that sure is doable...

ghostirAuthor Commented:
And that is the issue: there are no guRantees that the text can be broken down by display.

Even if it were, it might be no more difficult to simply update the comments internally, as the modifications are seldom extensive.

Thanks much for the input!
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