IBM Blade Center H , Mouse Control over the Remote Console

I have got a New IBM Blade Center H with HS22 Blade Servers on it and I am trying to install Redhat Linux with the help of a bootable CD using the Remote Console
The problem is the mouse is acting weird while tyring to click on the remote console screen,
Has any one had his problem before , Can somebody help on this isse?
Thanks in Advance
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dolomitiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the first approach on blade, with mouse,keyboard,and CDrom,
often creates some problems, that often , I have not still understood,
the disappear, probably dooing unkown operation.

If you can, for the 1st time, try to use local console.
Or, furthermore, check your remote session setting & skill,
using something on bios machine or/and using a bootable
CDrom, no the Linux OS, as ServeRAID CD or other, just to
understand well, click operations inside guest window embedded
in html page: it is not so easy, and sometimes some attempts are needed.

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